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Dear MySpace,

Thank you for using ads from a service that installs adware onto my computer without my permission. You already sucked before you seemingly joined forces with OIN [do a search on oinadserver if you want to see what I mean], which so happily added a program that randomly throws me popup ads. Little do YOU know that I've dealt with your kind before and I've eliminated OIN, but this is just bullshit.
Considering that I only use you for promotion, you are fairly useless anyway. I tried to send you an email, using the address YOU provided, and it freakin' bounced. Guess that means you don't want my input, therefore I won't be going to look at you too much anymore.

Not your friend, Tom. Not at all.

Really fricikin' annoyed at your lame ass,

Has anyone else had this happen? I know it is from MySpace, because this is TWICE now.
I should really know better, but it really *is* a great tool for promotion... *sigh*
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Unless you're a musician-type friend of mine, or you're running a meme/sensitive-type post thing, I will be defriending all people who auto-screen comments from friends as I find them.

There's a thin veil of implication of trust when I add someone to my friends list. I *want* their opinions and I'm neither ashamed of them nor nervous to get them. When the same courtesy isn't extended back, we're not friends. I don't need and I don't want anyone in my life that can't stand up to my opinions and thoughts.

You don't have to like this policy; feel free to remove me if it bothers you. I'm not hammering down on obvious and called-for uses of the screen function, I'm talking about people who consistently screen comments after the fact [and hide posts after the fact] when a friend makes a point that they don't like.
If you want to do that, that's fine, it's your journal and you're obviously free to do so. But I find that someone hiding my words for any other reason than to protect everyone in a sensitive situation, or for fun guessing memes, isn't a game I want to play... so I'm pulling the plug.

* If you aren't friended by me, your comments are auto-screened to prevent spamming. I'll reveal 'em as I get 'em. But if you aren't friended by me, and I know you and know you have a journal, there's probably a good reason why I haven't added you. Take that for what you will. LJ isn't a popularity contest for me, it's just frickin' LJ.

I'm not playing these bullshit games.

[edit] - Just to be clear: passive-aggressive screening/deleting is what I'm talking about.

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