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Etsy Green and Clean Guild Trunk Show, Friday, December 14, at 6 pm EST.

Never been to an online trunk show? Well, never fear, we’ve got the details for you:

What do you need to do?
To get there:
Go to Etsy Virtual Labs:

Click on whatever room has the most people.

Guess what - you’re in!*

Online trunk shows are very different from chat, so the practices are different. So please, cooperate with these guidelines:
1. Every seller presenting at the trunk show will do a short presentation: who they are, what their stuff is, and no more than 3 items that their shop offers.
2. Please jot down your questions during the presentation - AFTER the presentation, there will be a Q&A
for all sellers.

It’s preferred that you keep all extraneous talk focused on the trunk show. However, stuff comes up. If you need technical assistance or have an immediate issue during the presentations, please privately message xiane or magickalrealism with any questions.

* You have to have an Etsy account. However, that's really quick and easy and RECOMMENDED if you don't have one already! You'll love Etsy!


Seriously, guys - this is a great way to check out the amazing bath and body goodies that my teammates and I make and sell on Etsy. I'd love to see some of you there, if you're able with such short notice!
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If you've been paying attention, you'll know that recently I helped form a street team for Etsy, the Etsy Green and Clean Guild. We've been working hard to bring more awareness to Etsy and to the excellent bath and body/soapcrafter/herbalists there - and brainstormed this contest! To play you need an Etsy account - simple + quick to acquire.

Join the Etsy Green and Clean Guild Trivia Game!
Starting 12/9/06 -12/23/06 we will be playing a trivia game with the Etsy community. We will take the names of the people with the correct answer and draw one winner on 12/24/06. The winner will be announced on the forum and through convos. The prize is an awsome gift basket full of products made by the members of the EGCG.

Are you up for a little fun?

Here's the question:

My Whole is used medicinally. I'm also high in nutritional value. Your kidneys will thank you if you eat me or if I'm used in a tonic. I'm high in vitamin A, D & K. Oh and if you have asthma or Hay fever,I'm your friend too. I was introduced to the USA in 1850. I require an abundant water supply to grow.

What herb am I?

Think you know the answer? Contact me through my Etsy account and I'll let you know if you are right or wrong. Enter as many times as you wish and Have FUN!

Join up and play! The basket is FILLED with amazing products from our Street Team.
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Some of you might be aware that I sell on etsy.com. And some of you might be hip to the idea that sales there have been slow. Well, they recently revamped the site from beta to the supa-fly [yet still occasionally buggy] V2 and a lot of us have been re-energized to get sales hopping. In that spirit, I jumped in with some other sellers of similar wares to start an Etsy Street Team for herbalists/soapcrafters/bath and body mavens, the Etsy Green and Clean Guild.
If you want to see what some of the other folks in this endeavor sell, check out the treasury list I made to promote us here.

I'm hoping this will help to kick sales in the butt and get them moving. Another thing I can do - and I am doing - if you fine folk can pass along the good word for me about my wares, that would be amazing. I'll be posting up tomorrow about some selection choices available for gift baskets - if you're looking for all natural products made from organic ingredients, please please give these a look?

I'm sorry for buggin' you guys so much about it. I just really believe in my products and I always turn to you folks when I have ideas. ['sides, I know you have great taste!]


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