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I made my pledge to [livejournal.com profile] subshock. Did you?

It is 10:43pm EST now. You've got about an hour and fifteen minutes to support Goth Rock on the airwaves in Central VA. ;)
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So there's this radio show that is Near and Dear to my heart. I used to be the host/DJ for it - you might remember SubShock... right?

Well, [livejournal.com profile] solieri is now the host and attends it with great loving care. And tonight is the fund drive show for SubShock. If you were reading my journal back when I was spinning the tunes there, you'll know that this means that your monetary support is needed.
Want to know more? I know you do! That's why you should click here and read ALL about the fabulous premiums that Patrick has for your pledge, including Faith and The Muse and Bella Morte tees, CDs from Hungry Lucy, Clan of Xymox, Anathema Device, Sad Lives Of The Hollywood Lovers, Spider Lilies, In Tenebris, Dancing Ferret... and more more more.
And of course there's the infamous Subculture Shock Compilation CD, a tradition since the first days when Andy Deane was hosting the show. Look for exclusive and unreleased tracks from Bella Morte, In Tenebris, Yveline, Interrogation, and Synthetic Nightmare, as well as songs from he Opposite Sex, Anders Manga, Spider Lilies, Hungry Lucy, Media Violence, Chaoticum, We Got This Far, TyLean and Halo Effect. Subshock Comps are well known for featuring rare tunes and helping to break fabulous and as-yet-unknown bands, so for a minimum of $10 you'll get MUCH more than you paid for.

Please, at least tune in and give a listen. The link is at http://wnrn.org. If you can pledge your support it would mean a lot to me.
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So... you've heard me rattle on about this for years, it seems, twice a year to be exact. But even though I'm no longer a host of the Greatest Goth Rock Show on Radio [well, and Shape of Things To Come. And a few others. But I digress!] - I still care, and they STILL need support.

Twice a year, the station that hosts Subculture Shock has a fund drive to help keep the station running. WNRN is a community-supported FM radio station that you can hear across Central Virginia on 91.9/89.9/88.1 frequencies or streaming online via http://www.wnrn.org/music/wnrn.asx. [will open Windown Media Player]

WNRN features a variety of specialty shows that highlight music you're not going to hear anywhere else in the area, as well as their regular programming of Modern Rock, The Boom Box, and Acoustic Sunrise, plus more. The specialty shows are the most vulnerable, as they cater to a smaller audience and can be casualties of low listenerhood if the numbers don't look good.
SubShock has maintained a great reputation as one of the most popular special shows, from the beginnings when Andy Deane [that Bella Morte dude] first hosted it, to Rebecca Davidsson... then the three years I held the reins... and now [livejournal.com profile] briskpepper and [livejournal.com profile] solieri run the show and do an admirable job.
SubShock is one of the few places on the airwaves where you'll hear a mix of undiscovered/underground and well known Goth, Industrial, Deathrock, and Synthpop bands. There's a great mix there, and they'll take requests happily - the DJs are the most accessible you'lll find as far as being real people, not music snobs. In accordance with that policy, the premiums they offer for pledges to the show reflect that. You'll have available to you for a reasonable pledge the lovely reward of a CD from a local or national band, teeshirts, gift certificates to local businesses like Acme Piercing, or other great swag to choose from. So not only do you support a great radio show, but you get cool shit too!

Here's the poop:

Tonight from 10p - 12m EST. Call in and talk to the great phone staff via 410 979 0919 or toll free at 877 967 6762. Listen in via 99.1/89.9/88.1 FM or through the live stream, linked above. And tune in every Sunday night at the same time to support the show and get informed about all sorts of spooooky music!

Oh yeah, there's a LiveJournal, too - [livejournal.com profile] subshock!

... Tell 'em Chris Knight/Xiane sent you :)

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