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The Dawning, 061706 - DJing with [livejournal.com profile] audiorapture!

[AudioRapture starts the night]
1st Set
ThouShaltNot - walk away
Behind The Scenes - creep [?]
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - monkeys on juice
Xmal Deutschland - incubus succubus II
Clan Of Xymox - obsession
Book Of Love - boy
Kaiser Chiefs - everyday I love you less and less
Ministry - all day [rmx]
New Order - bizzare love triangle
Camouflage - the great commandment

2nd Set
BT - somnambulist
Pigface - mind your own business [?]
The Birthday Massacre - horror show
Pleasant Fiction - feed the fire [?]
Einsturzende Neubauten - feurio! [rmx]
Skinny Puppy - worlock
Devo - head like a hole [?]
Severed Heads - dead eyes opened [?]
Electric Six - gay bar
Bauhaus - honeymoon croon
Siouxsie And the Banshees - kiss them for me

3rd Set
Deathline Int'l - tainted love
Shriekback - nemesis
Yazoo - situation [12" vers]
Fear Cult - sexbeat [r]
Switchblade Symphony - sweet [apop rmx] [r]
Wolfsheim - sparrows and nightengales ["because I like you" r]
Max Raabe und das Palast Orchester - blue
Dead Or Alive - you spin me round
Siouxsie And The Banshees - happy house [r]
Space Ghost - baby got brak

[?] - inquiry
[r] - request
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Tonight's setlist, BAUHAUS, Charlotte NC 061006:

Double Dare
In The Flat Field
God In an Alcove
She's In Parties
Silent Hedges
Endless Summer Of The Damned
In Fear Of Fear
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
Stigmata Martyr
Bela Lugosi's Dead

Yes, the show was awesome. YES, they played two new songs.

Met [livejournal.com profile] ihvpave, had a great time with [livejournal.com profile] xymoxed and [livejournal.com profile] nannar, am extremely tired. More later after sleep. Woooo!
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Yes, soon you won't be seeing a meelion of these announcements. Wanna know why?


Yes, that means that you - YOU! - need to bring your pasty, black-clothes-wearing-or-NOT buttocks down to The Depot [that's 1728 N Charles, in case you've been under a rock all this time] TONIGHT and dance around to Deathrock, Psychobilly, and old school Goth and Punk as it is laid down by me, scary_kissesDJ Nekromantra, and debut DJ [livejournal.com profile] rampantpuppy! Don't want to dance? That's okay, because there's plenty of cheap rail drinks during our Monster Love Happy Hour, from 9p - 11p. And talk's so cheap that it's free! In fact, if you're over 21, ADMISSION is free! [if you're over 18 but under that magic number, it's a measly five bucks to get in. Suck it up!]

To sweeten the deal, I'll be bringing out several bags o' stuff for people to loot. This includes clothes and toys. Possibly music if I get off my ass. Yes, you can HAVE all that stuff. You don't even need to know me.... although if you're reading this, chances are that you do know me.

Just to entice you further, I'll put last week's setlist under the cut.
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This week, we have special guest DJ CHR$(81)! Originally hailing from New Mexico, CHR$(81) represents a wide variety of music and promises an eclectic mix of the strange and the dark. Come out and dance with us!
click for flyer and last week's setlist! )

Cryptkicker! Baltimore's home of horror rock: deathrock, psychobilly, old-school punk and gothrock.
EVERY WEDNESDAY at The Depot, 1728 N. Charles Street.
9pm - 2am. 18+. FREE COVER for 21+ ($5 for 18-21)! CHEAP DRINKS ($1 rails)!
Bring music requests, yer favorite crazy films, and friends!
Check out the [livejournal.com profile] cryptkicker_md community or our website for up-to-date information and impending special events.
dance 'til yer dead!
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What's this? Bored at home on a Wednesday night? Lacking cheap drinks and creepy company, needing a scary soundtrack to set your socializing to? Well, what are you waiting for - Cryptkicker is just what you've been looking for!

The crowd at Cryptkicker is made up of the coolest ghouls around. You can have a tantalizing conversation at the bar - and hear yourself! - then go slink off to the dance floor and do a graveyard stomp to the Deathrock, Horror Rock, Psychobilly, and Old School Goth and Punk spun by ZombieHostesses Nekromantra and Xiane. When you're ready for more chilling beverages, you can take advantage of our "late" happy hour - $1 drafts and rail drinks from 9 -11 pm. You can even watch horribly magnificent d-grade horror movies, courtesy of Movie Master [livejournal.com profile] osiris909!

New policy [for now] is 18+ to enter [$5 door fee] and free admission if you're over 21. We'll be working to remove that recent addition, but for now it stands. Sorry. :(
All the rest is the usual blurb: doors at 9pm, open until 2am or until the place empties out, so bring yer spooky asses out early and stay all night!
Cryptkicker is at The Depot, 1728 N Charles St, Baltimore MD.
Dance 'til yer dead!

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First, here be the setlist from Cryptkicker: )

You might note that we left early. Although Margaret assures us that it isn't because of slim turnout - she wanted to go home and sleep - it would be a lot less likely that we close early like this if all the people who profess to love Cryptkicker as much as they say they do would [ahem] effin' SHOW UP more often... even for a half hour, for a quick beer and some good conversation. We miss you! And there's nothing else like this in the area, you know. The closest B'more has is [livejournal.com profile] schadenfreudedc [and if you live in the DC area, get yer butts out to support THAT, too!].
No, I'm not angstin' about this, just so you know. I mean, I'll be there if you are or aren't. I just wanted to draw this little thought to your attention ;)

Tonight I'm going to run wild in the woods, celebrating the turn of the seasons to my Favourite Time Of The Year. Beautiful Autumn, bring cooler weather and lovely painted leaves soon, please! I hope that the Equinox brings lovely things for you, beautiful changes.
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xiane 1-close
1000 homo DJs- supernaut
45 grave- partytime
black flag- TV party
riot act- keep us strong
alien sex fiend- RIP (unreleased dub version
bella morte- where shadows lie
sisters of mercy- walk away
the merry thoughts- boy sinister
terminal ready- 1-900
iggy pop- lust for life
adam ant- desperate but not serious
the brides- dress code blue
bauhaus- spirit

You'll be able to find the rest of the goods in a few days on [livejournal.com profile] cryptkicker_md, or if you beg REAL HARD I can post it here.
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Here's my parts of the setlist from Saturday at [livejournal.com profile] dcmidnight, 080605.

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