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Torrential rain all day. I was looking forward to it, actually - a nice, rainy day in which to sit in front of the computer with a hot cup of coffee and Get Things Done. After yesterday's glorious weather, I was ready for it.

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, though. Upon waking up, I did my usual routine of feeding the Squeegee Cat, heating water and making coffee, making a bowl of cereal and soy milk, and logging into Trillian to talk to my diligently-working husband. He gently broke it to me - my slow-leak afflicted right rear tire had given up the ghost. I peered through the soaked window screen to see for myself: flatter than a pancake.

I managed to stave off getting a new tire for almost two years, I suppose that was quite a feat. I wasn't upset, because I knew that it was just a matter of time before I'd have to break down and get new tires... but why oh why do tires have to cost so much? Because I have 4WD I'll have more expensive tires, and I think I'll have to purchase a full set. Of course, I really should do that anyway, with the traveling I do and plan to do this year. My car needs a tune up [still] and an oil change as well.

Because I'm trying to get this business started, this is a tough hit in the bank account. I have a good amount of credit to play with [I can't believe I can say that! So amazing] and some cash in savings that I'd rather not touch. Rob offered to cover part of it on his credit card, too, but I think I'd rather put it on mine and leave his free for emergencies if possible.

In that vein, I'll be selling some stuff that I'd been planning on selling anyway. Anyone interested in a pair of 20 eye Gripfast boots, worn but still in fabulous condition, purple and black laces included [if I can find the black ones, I'm pretty sure I know where they are], size 8M or 10W, steel toe? I'm looking for $50 plus shipping.

I'll have photos of them and other good things, hopefully tomorrow after I get my spare tire put on my car. In the meantime, if you're interested in the Gripfasts, let me know!
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I still have up for grabs The Creative License by Danny Gregory. $5

Adding to that list:

Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. Hardback, $3

Frugal Indulgents: How to Cultivate Decadence When Your Age and Salary Are Under 30 by Kera Bolonik and Jennifer Griffin. ppb $3

The Forest For The Trees: And Editor's Advice To Writers by Betsy Lerner. ppb $3

Also, I have no photo or link, but I have a really lovely mini-daytimer, about the size of a wallet, embossed black leather. I bought it at Barnes and Noble in 2005 and I think they're not carrying it specifically anymore, but they should have the refills for it. Five rings, a wallet section and slots for credit cards, magnetic closure. I paid $14.95 for it and it looks BRAND new, plus I even bought a little pen for it and I'll include a refill for the pen. $5.

Paypal, pls. First come first served. Wooo.
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Over at my Etsy store http://xiane.etsy.com, I'm having a mega-sale.

Just for the rest of December: buy two products and get a small milk bath of your choice for FREE! This offer is only good through the end of 2006 - Jan 1 2007will be too late!

** Check out the section of clearance fragrance oils! Once these are gone, they WON'T be back. Get 'em now! **

So! Go check it out and remember that this sale is only good until the end of the month!
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If you didn't take a look at what I still have left for sale here, take a look before I post to ebay!

Also I have a tube of L'oreal HiColor Hilights in RED up for grabs. $4, postage paid. This is the stuff I used to use to make my hair BRIGHT ASS RED. It is designed to be used to make red highlights in dark hair, so on lighter hair it really stands out. Takes 30 or 40 vol developer. First to respond gets it. Paypal only.

More stuff will be posted soon. BIG closet cleaning!
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Get it here before it goes on ebay! PAYPAL ONLY. If you want something listed here, leave me a message in this post; first come, first served.

My photos all sucked, so if you need to see peektures, they won't be available until tomorrow sometime.

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