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What? Selling CDs? Yup, it's time for me to purge things that I have extras of, that I don't listen to, or that I'm bored with. That means BARGAINS for you! Wooo!

Here's how it works. First to comment gets whatever they're requesting. Paypal ONLY is accepted. If you don't pay that day, your choices go back on the pile.
CDs are $5 each unless marked otherwise; shipping is $1.00 for first CD and .25 for each additional CD. That means shipping's cheaper if you buy a lot, you see. I'm here to help YOU! :D
All CDs are in fantastic shape unless noted; cases may have a ding or two. Some are cut-outs. All have booklets and good schtuff.

Here's the list:

The Birthday Party Prayers On Fire
The Bravery ST
Concrete Blonde The Essential
The Cruxshadows Tears [remixes, extra tracks, a video]
Dame Darcy Greatest Hits
Delerium Poem
Diva Destruction Escaping The Sickness
Eisbrecher Leider/Vergissmeinnicht double single $4

Elane The Fire of Glenvore
Gang Of Four A Brief History Of The 20th Century
Joy Electric 1994 - 2002 - The Art And Craft Of Popular Music [2 CD retrospective] $8
L'ame Immortelle Zweilicht [2 disc set - one all remixes, one all live videos] $10
Levinhurst Perfect Life
Medieval Baebes Undrentide
Mesh The Point At Which It Falls Apart
Misery Loves Co Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share
Miranda Sex Garden Madra
O Quam Tristis Le Rituel Sacre
Pentaphobe A Tribal Metamorphosis
Rasputina Oh Perilous World [deluxe edition, 2CD] $10

Gabrielle Roth And The Mirrors Initiation
Side 3 Halfway Under
Skinny Puppy Mythmaker
The Tear Garden The Last Man To Fly

Thou Shalt Not The White Beyond, Land Dispute [2 separate CDs, $5 each]
Underworld Second Toughest In The Infants
Voltaire Almost Human

GO TO! rarrr.
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Here's your chance to try some of my wares at a discount! Here's the deal: if you place your order here, through this post, I'll take 20% off your total order before shipping. That's a substantial savings and a great way to try out my wares! I also have some things left that are event-only, so this is the only way to get them currently!

Here's what I have to offer:

Bath salts: Wild In The Woods, Luthien - small $4/ lg $8
Milk baths: Cleopatra's Beauty Bath, Beneath The Waves - small $3 / lg $6

Incense: Temple Of Love, Elerion [only 2 of these left!] - $5 each
Incense Charcoals: packs of two single for .50

Ceremonial White Sage: holy CRAP this is amazing sage. A huge bag for only $2. Wildcrafted, some loose and some on the stalk. Faboo.

Dram bottles of body oil [these are anointing/essence quality only]: Kyphi [3], Violet [2], Amber [1], Dragon's Blood [1] - $2 each

Herbal Blessing Candles: beeswax sheet sprinkled with hand-ground herbs for purification and blessing and rolled to form a candle. $1.50 each

Glass Corked Bottles: the size is 1 7/8" x 3 3/4" and they have a smallish neck. Good for putting oils or powdered herbs in. I can provide a photo if necessary. $3 each

Cotton Tea Bags: reusable muslin bags, good for sachets, loose tea, or bath herbs - .50 each

Dream Pillows: stuffed with hops, catnip, lavender, mullein, mugwort, and rose - designed to help you have pleasant dreams. 5"x5" in size - $5 each.

Questions? Ask away.
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PAYPAL only unless I take pity on you. ;)
I'm keeping shipping to a minimum - most everything should fit in a Priority Mail bag. I'll give you my estimated totals when you make your bid! [LizBet, this will vary for you, obviously. We'll figure it out!]
First come, first served. No fighting, no biting.
All clothes portrayed to the best of my ability. I've literally not worn most of this stuff in forever. It's been gently worn. A few pieces are brand new! They might be a wee bit more spendy.
I'm *not* posting pics unless requested. It's hard to take decent pics of clothes w/o a model. Even then, I just suck at it.

Here we go!

1. White cotton ribbed tank top. XXL. Xhilaration. Never worn. $1 SOLD to Boadiccea!

2. Spiderweb tie top, with long drapey cuffs. OMG so Gawthik. Worn like 2 times ever. 2X. Leg Avenue. $5 HELD for Nocturnaleye

3. DEEP purple legwarmers. Never ever worn. Soft acrylic. Absolutely awesome. $2 SOLD to Krasota!

4. Women's Black opaque tights. Nylon and spandex. Never opened. Size Q3, Cherokee. $3

5. Black tank with Hot Pink edging and straps. Nylon and spandex, FORM FITTING. Has tons of stretch but will fit snugly. XL, No Boundaries. $1 HELD for MistressChewtoy

6. Black ribbed tank top with zipper/snap detail at neck. Really really cute. Tripp NYC. Marked a L but my 38DDs made it in. I wouldn't wear it alone, tho ;) Front unzips for a leetle more room. Probably obscene that way. $2 HELD for MistressChewtoy

7. Black small-guage fishnets. Nylon/spandex, new in package. Just My Size, 3x. $2 SOLD to Boadiccea!

8. World's cutest tie-sweater, take one. Black acrylic, lettuce-edged, 3/4 length sleeves, lil pseudo-suede tie in front. Great over sleeveless dresses or tanks. Fancies up anything. Gently worn. No tages, but this would fit 2/3X. $2 SOLD to LadyLizbet!

9. Black tank top with ruffled bottom and square neckline. 100% cotton, Style Studio. Pretty Versatile. A roomy 2x. $1 SOLD to Ez_mo!

10. Tightly ruched black teeshirt. Has a scoop + vee neckline, flattering. Cotton/poly/touch of rubber. Worn ONCE. Faded Glory, 18/20W. $5 SOLD to Boadiccea!

11. World's Cutest Corset Top. Honestly, you can work this w/ any Victorian or hippygoth look. Black India Cotton, Ruched/gathered/embroidered neckline with drawstring neck for max. adjustability, sleeves are capped but just the same as neckline. Loose, a true "free size." Would easily fit up to a 3X. Very thin cotton. I've worn this a lot but it still has lots of life. $3 SOLD to OnceUpon!

12. Lacy romantigoth top, never worn. Tiny ruffles on peasant-top neck, 3/4 lettuce-edged sleeves, bottom is straight across at wasit but has tiny ruffles at the hips! Would look fab with a bustle skirt. Comes with a cotton tank to layer under. 100% nylon, 2X, Dori. $4 HELD for Nocturnaleye!

13. Absolutely brand new Illig "bondage skirt" - lots of straps and rings and rivets. You can see it here. Absolutely brand new/never worn and pristine. It just... it's not me. XXL. Retails at $42, I'm selling it for $15. HELD for GlassGrenade!

14. Slinky, stretchy, heavy rayon black dress. Witchy to the extreme, 23" across chest and 26/27" across hips, 51" in length. Long sleeves. No tags. Gently used, has a bit of a perfumey odor [sorry! it came that way!] $5

15. Gorilla Sweater! I know, it's going into hot season, but this thing is amazing. Fluffy fuzzy soft and black. Fits an XL. No tags and there's a small hole where I think the tag came out. Totally fixable. I don't know the material. $3 SOLD to Unnerving!

16. Cyber apron, black. This thing's adjustable, made of rip-stop material with a small pocket in the front and a plastic clicky-clasp and black belt webbing to hold it on. Looks incredible over pants and stompy boots. Worn about 5 times ever. $4 HELD for MistressChewtoy!

17. Black wig, costume quality. Chest-length, with fringe/bangs. Originally cost $26, worn once for a pic. $5 SOLD to Taliaphoenix!

18. Hair stuff: two bobby-pin-in braids, one black and one purple/black. two bundles of old=fashioned hairpins, never used. Two curved horn hair clasps, black metal with clear rhinestones. Free with anything else. All Gone.

19. Catherine Coatney floor-length tulle/mesh skirt. All edges and panels bound with black twill, like typical Coatney styling. Waistband is a wide stretch band with a double row of hook and eyes. Floor length for a TALL person. Needs platforms for a short one. Has a small hole near the bottom and a few irregularities in the mesh. The skirt is two layers - this was an expensive skirt! Rather forgiving XL. I've worn it a bit; $10 is fair, I think. SOLD to OnceUpon!

I have more but I'm too damn tired to list 'em. These are the best ones. If you have questions, ask away.

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