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What fun! What fun!

I went first to the "forest" [a small woody park near my house] to take appropriate images, because I was goin' it alone and knew I wouldn't get any while I was out. I dressed as a Woodland Faerie with glittery "magickal pinwheels" to hand out.

I'm in Baltimore County, and didn't have time to drive to the city to hand out my pinwheels, so I decided to pick someplace where I thought I'd find a lot of people and needed some magic... The Avenue, one of those fake Main Street setups with stores and fountains and the like.
There weren't as many people traveling up and down the street as I'd hoped, so I wandered in the stores, too... and that was one of my best successes! I managed to cheer up several salespeople by presenting them with shimmery pinwheels. And the squeals of glee from the kids I gifted with the spinny toys! It was marvelous.

Under the cut are pics from the Woodland Forest where the Pinwheel Fae live.
Here be faeries... )
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I'm off to do this:

It isn't too late to join in, wherever you are! Pics when I get back, hopefully!
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This is an amazing idea.

... would anyone local want to do this with me?

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