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This makes me really fucking angry. I know they've been having problems with the law enforcement, but this goes beyond the pale.

And I thought I had it tough in C'ville with trying to keep all-ages shows going. Jeez.
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If I see you're a nazi/fascist/racist, I'm done.
I give everyone plenty of chances - I'd hardly say I'm judgmental. But if I call you on the company you keep and you tell me you're not like that, I'm going to call bullshit. And if after you swear you're not, then you add more people to your company that I find wearing hatred *right on their sleeves* - I'm done and there's no talking to you.
Maybe you don't believe those things. But why would you support those who do? Shame on you.

And please, for the love of pete, don't sit there and tell me that you believe that America is run by a ZOG conspiracy and then in the same breath swear that you're not a nazi or a fascist. Call it what you want, I don't want anything to do with someone like you. You want me to be RESPECTFUL? You've got to be shitting me. This has got to be a joke. Perhaps I'd respect your opinion a little more if it wasn't filled with inflammatory rhetoric, based on a line of hatred that was debunked *years* ago.
I know, I know. Like you said, "It isn't ALL the Jews! Just the ones who control what 'you Americans' think! I'm not anti-semitic! I know some Jews I like! They don't understand what's going on! I have lots of black friends, I'm not a racist!"


I call bullshit. And I leave you to believe whatever you want, because I know you're not going to listen to me. You have the right to believe whatever. But don't you DARE insinuate I'm being disrespectful because I'm saying my piece, and I'm removing you from my sight.

- and for the record, if anyone else who is friends with these people has a problem with what I have to say, the door's right over there. I won't be hurt at all if you decide to leave. In fact, I question your taste if you keep them as friends.
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I was called self-righteous today, under the guise of "some people in Baltimore" - well, I know full well that I am who was referred to [unless my fiance was meant, which would be a grave mistake of location, although we share the same views on this subject] and I am unafraid of such pejoratives.
The definition of "self-righteous" as put forth by Merriam-Webster:
convinced of one's own righteousness especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others : narrow-mindedly moralistic.

No, keeping company with hate-mongers doesn't make you one. Joining communities that support hateful ideologies doesn't condemn you. Putting the two together doesn't make your case look so good, however. Adding the communities after spending a great deal of time with the aforementioned haters? Doesn't look so good.
You don't have to prove anything to me. I'm just some girl. Then again, I must have quite some power if my words of condemnation for the company one keeps would drive one to steer clear of Baltimore.
Is it that I'm powerful?
Or is it that my questioning hit home?
I mean, it's public knowledge that I'm leaving here soon, and I'm pretty sure that last I checked, I didn't speak for everyone in this city. So why would someone flee when I pointed the questioning finger at them?

No one wants to be called hateful, I suppose. But there's an easy remedy for this: DON'T KEEP COMPANY WITH THOSE WHO SPREAD THAT DOCTRINE. Aligning yourself with jingoists gives them your tacit consent and approval. That's a slippery slope that only leads to bad situations, as history's proved before.

How can you not recognize hatred? I'm saddened to think that people are fooled by such evil rhetoric.

So how far will *you* go for righteousness? What do you allow or disallow in your life? I've talked to several people about this so far this week; the consensus so far has been that silence equals consent and that keeping quiet about hatred allows it to grow. Do you agree with this? Do you think that "live and let live" means keeping silent when those of your circle choose alliances that feel negative to you? Do you speak out? Do you cut them off, or take it farther and tell everyone what you are doing, to whom and why? Do you discuss it with them, or just walk away quietly? Do you shrug and say, "Such is the way of the world?"

All comments screened, both for honesty and privacy. I'm truly curious what you think about this. I promise not to criticise your choices, although I might question for better understanding. I know where I stand [and I'll tell you in detail if you wish, although all names are withheld for privacy] but I am always questioning how the rest of the world handles these things.
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Anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in my circle of friends. I will not support hatred of any race, religion, or culture.

If you have a problem with that, then you are definitely not my friend.

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