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...this week has been just a wee bit crazy.

I suppose I should start at the beginning...
The shed takes a tumble; or Our Heroine Braves the Wind and I-95 to get to her betrothed: )
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Thank you so much, my friends. I spent the day + night feeling really narsty and nauseated. This both threw a damper on my plans to go see the seximous scary_kissesAurora and the rest of The Feral play at The Depot; I also had to cancel on coffee with djdaygloWendy-Monkey. That made me a sad, sad girlie. I hope the show was utterly kickass! [like how COULDN'T have been?]
I threw a few things into some more bins, and mostly I feel like I have all the stuff that's going to fit in the cars in bins at this point. Still have to pack computer and TV. Obviously those are waiting until LAST. We're supposed to pack up the cars tomorrow, so by tomorrow afternoon I should be internet-less. I won't be back online until Tuesday sometime - if you need me, text me. If you use the LJ text feature, remember to put your NAME in the text! [also - sometimes I don't get those. Better to text my phone directly - 4435671046]
I am so! nervous! And that's making my tummy even more unsettled, obviously. Ugh. I'm totally not nervous about marrying inefficiencyMr. Tigglebottom - I've never felt more secure in anything than I do with that - but the drive, with a fully laden and possibly reduced-vision car... then his parents and my Mom meeting... *nervous*


I'm going to miss everyone so much. :/

ps - I'll post my new address in a locked post in just a moment.
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...In just one week, I will be married.

O_O That's so weird. And awesome! Awesomely weird!

So! Today's my last whining post about "coming out to Cryptie" - although I'll still be encouraging people to go out and get the deathrock on - because tonight is the last chance that most of y'all will have to see me before I leave and turn into Mrs Tigglebottom for real.
Also, I have a huge stack of crap for people to loot and take home with a happy grin, because I won't be needing it. That includes some magazines, CDs, a few toys... assorted weirdness. Anything that isn't taken tonight will go to charity.

And seeing how tonight is my last Cryptie, it is just scary_kissesNekromantra and I spinning. I'll be delving into the stuff that made me want to be involved with a night like this, and probably some silly stuffs too - as y'all know I'm wont to do. :D

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.
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I have a small pile of magazines: Gothic Beauty, New Witch, Realms of Fantasy, and one Dark Wisdom [Cthulhu mythos 'zine] that I'd love someone to take away. Anyone interested? I'd like to know before I haul them out to the club.

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