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Just a quick update.

Back from our honeymoon, which involved staying at a hotel where rooms cost as much per day as some peoples' rent per month. [obviously we didn't pay for it.]
Had a dinner on saturday night [treat from husband] that cost as much as a weekly trip to the grocery store. Ever walk into a room and KNOW that you don't belong there? That was this place. It was lovely, delicious, and ultimately satisfying once i relaxed, but soooo weird.

So yes, the weekend = decadence. We were honeymooned and dined without wine. We hid out in the mountains of Asheville for a weekend and lived a life that isn't ours, and it was a lovely vacation... but I'm glad to be back to being Xiane again, living my little life in my new apartment with my Rob.

Today I need to go attempt to buy some furniture. Wheee. I dunno where to really look, so this is yet another adventure.

PS - I saw that I missed a few birthdays!
[livejournal.com profile] anathemadevice, [livejournal.com profile] thekdog,[livejournal.com profile] laggardluminati, [livejournal.com profile] ladylizbet, and [livejournal.com profile] hindupez - I wish I could have celebrated with all of you, but I hope your special day was the best ever. I'm sorry that I was a little preoccupied... ;)

PPS - for my married friends - how long did it take you to get used to referring to your partner as husband/wife? I feel like I'm going to giggle every time I say it! [even worse when I'm referred to as a wife!]
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...this week has been just a wee bit crazy.

I suppose I should start at the beginning...
The shed takes a tumble; or Our Heroine Braves the Wind and I-95 to get to her betrothed: )
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Thank you so much, my friends. I spent the day + night feeling really narsty and nauseated. This both threw a damper on my plans to go see the seximous scary_kissesAurora and the rest of The Feral play at The Depot; I also had to cancel on coffee with djdaygloWendy-Monkey. That made me a sad, sad girlie. I hope the show was utterly kickass! [like how COULDN'T have been?]
I threw a few things into some more bins, and mostly I feel like I have all the stuff that's going to fit in the cars in bins at this point. Still have to pack computer and TV. Obviously those are waiting until LAST. We're supposed to pack up the cars tomorrow, so by tomorrow afternoon I should be internet-less. I won't be back online until Tuesday sometime - if you need me, text me. If you use the LJ text feature, remember to put your NAME in the text! [also - sometimes I don't get those. Better to text my phone directly - 4435671046]
I am so! nervous! And that's making my tummy even more unsettled, obviously. Ugh. I'm totally not nervous about marrying inefficiencyMr. Tigglebottom - I've never felt more secure in anything than I do with that - but the drive, with a fully laden and possibly reduced-vision car... then his parents and my Mom meeting... *nervous*


I'm going to miss everyone so much. :/

ps - I'll post my new address in a locked post in just a moment.
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So last night I was looking up requirements for obtaining a marriage license in North Carolina.
The laws there are pretty simple to follow.

Bring $50. CASH ONLY.
You have to be there in person. No marriage by proxy. Please do show up to your own wedding, 'k?
First cousins? No problem! As long as you're not DOUBLE first cousins, we have *some* standards, y'know.

And no waiting! You can marry your first cousin RIGHT AWAY - as long as you've got that fifty bucks!


... heheheee.

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