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The cold light of day
Pours out of me
Leaving me black
And so healthy"

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State of The Xiane: still coughing, still not feeling super-awesome. I crackle when I breathe - Rob mistook that noise for the cat purring at one point! I seem to vary from feeling mostly capable and almost-a-real-person to "warm shit-on-a-shingle" blah. I've been taking the inhaler and antibiotics for a week; I had been taking the cough syrup once a day but I've stopped for now, because I feel like I was both getting too used to it [it is codeine and I don't like the idea of getting addicted] and I was starting to notice that I was getting unreasonably irritable in the evenings. That's no good!

I've been trying to get things in order around here, because [livejournal.com profile] inefficiency and I will be gone this weekend [waves at [livejournal.com profile] praesentia!] and ever since the EGCG trunk show, my house has been trashed. My wonderful MiL will be staying here over the weekend to keep [livejournal.com profile] squeegee_cat company, and the house can't be all trashed for that. O_o
Also - gah, it is just so hard to get ANYTHING done when the house is wrecked! It's already difficult to get motivated with all the malaise goin' on with me, but looking around at all that needs to be done... just makes me tired.

At least I'm still here! That's something. :)
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Not quite, but close.
Lunch: tempeh reuben with home-made 1000000000 island dressing = hellyeahthebomb.
It would have been vegan, except for that butter and mayo. O_o

I just can't DO margarine. Sorry. It's SO frickin' narsty.

However, I recommend Vegan With A Vengeance highly for some tasty-ass fare. I had the scrambled tofu [as leftovers] from it for breakfast this morning [made two days ago, still excellent] and it's really satisfying.

I have some of the marinated and scorched tempeh left over, I'm sure that will become some other tasty sammich soon. Mmmmm.

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