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Today I have to go to a funeral. :/ )

[livejournal.com profile] inefficiency and I noticed something funny when we were at the sheep and goat pens at the Cleveland County Fair on Wednesday. When a sheep or goat bleats, it totally sounds like a person disaffectedly saying "mehhhhh." We've started going around randomly saying "mehhhhh" now.

"Want some dinner?"

Yeah, my life is happening. Wooo.

The other big news is that I'm busting ass to get ready for a big event on the 13th - The Crafting Patch Market, an all-Etsy event in Charlotte. I'll be there with Threeravens.net, Coffin Color, and my business partner-in-crime Snitches Get Stitches. We'll be kicking ass and taking names and I hope that I see some of you local peeps there!
The bad part is that since I've been sick, that's kinda put me off my game for making stock. Now I'm playing the catch-up game, trying to make labels and 8 million lip balms and milk baths and ugh.
I really love making my stuff, don't get my wrong. It's just that half of what I have to make is a "big production" sort of thing, where I can only make one type at a time, like my lip balm. Because of the colouring and flavour, I can only do one batch at a time, then I have to clean every single tool I have... then let them dry completely. That takes up a lot of time, and requires me to do some careful management. Bath salts are the same way, since I only have so many bowls and measuring tools. That's something for the Xmoose list, I guess - more tools! :D

I'll get it all done. I just need to do a thing or two each night. I have new items I haven't even listed for sale, and some whipped shea butter balms that I can't wait to create... it'll come, it'll come.

How is everyone today?
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Spent all evening updating my webpage at threeravens.net.
It took a while, but all the links are correct - if there's something that isn't, it wasn't without a huge struggle by me to catch all the changes!

I'm liking how it looks now. All I have to fix is the affiliates links page. Yay!

Some of my friends placed orders with me tonight. You know who you are. And you know that I love you. Without my friends... I'd be lost.

Seriously, you guys - I'm actually making this work! I set a goal for myself for January - by the end of the month I wanted to have 100 people mark my shop as a favourite on Etsy... and I wanted to have a total of 30 sales there.

I'm now up to 111 hearts and 36 items sold! I still have a few days left! Do you think I can make 40 sales? *dance*

I feel like this is becoming quite the viable occupation. I have some plans to have a big batch of new flavors of Lip Bliss up soon, and I have a couple of other ideas for items brewing in my head. I'm really only limited by my imagination and available materials. If you have a wish list, now would be the time to mention it and see if it is possible for me to make it!

Thank you so much, everyone who has been so supportive of me. You are so appreciated...
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Here's your chance to try some of my wares at a discount! Here's the deal: if you place your order here, through this post, I'll take 20% off your total order before shipping. That's a substantial savings and a great way to try out my wares! I also have some things left that are event-only, so this is the only way to get them currently!

Here's what I have to offer:

Bath salts: Wild In The Woods, Luthien - small $4/ lg $8
Milk baths: Cleopatra's Beauty Bath, Beneath The Waves - small $3 / lg $6

Incense: Temple Of Love, Elerion [only 2 of these left!] - $5 each
Incense Charcoals: packs of two single for .50

Ceremonial White Sage: holy CRAP this is amazing sage. A huge bag for only $2. Wildcrafted, some loose and some on the stalk. Faboo.

Dram bottles of body oil [these are anointing/essence quality only]: Kyphi [3], Violet [2], Amber [1], Dragon's Blood [1] - $2 each

Herbal Blessing Candles: beeswax sheet sprinkled with hand-ground herbs for purification and blessing and rolled to form a candle. $1.50 each

Glass Corked Bottles: the size is 1 7/8" x 3 3/4" and they have a smallish neck. Good for putting oils or powdered herbs in. I can provide a photo if necessary. $3 each

Cotton Tea Bags: reusable muslin bags, good for sachets, loose tea, or bath herbs - .50 each

Dream Pillows: stuffed with hops, catnip, lavender, mullein, mugwort, and rose - designed to help you have pleasant dreams. 5"x5" in size - $5 each.

Questions? Ask away.
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So a few of you folks were expressing interest in the new baths I've been cranking out, so I took some pics today.

salts and milk baths! )

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