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Can you put all the states in the right places? It took me three tries - not so much because I didn't know where all of them were, although I get shaky over the placement of some of the states in the Midwest - but because the interface is a little touchy.

Have fun, and post how awesome you are if you get it on the first try!

"Can you pass the Third Grade Map Test?"
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Saturday night was filled with goodness. )
The rest of tonight has been spent being quiet, talking to [livejournal.com profile] inefficiency and Mom, and catching up on the news. Thrilling! Tomorrow I plan to knit, write, and leave the house ONLY to go to the grocery store. Tomorrow's a Xiane Day, dammit. Everyone drink a cup of coffee or cocoa in my name. :D
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Everyone's posting about George Takai coming out of the closet, and I was more interested with his tale of growing up in one of the American internment camps for Japanese-Americans, and that they were ironically fond memories. I guess it's just no surprise to me that he's gay? And I already know that Gay People are Just Like Straight People? Heh. Maybe it's that I was a Theater Major, so none of this phases me anymore ;)

I wonder if that'll make our signed copy of Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe more valuable. :P

Today I have a manicure appointment. My cuticles suck in the wintertime, and anyway, Mom gave me a GC for the local "spa" for a manicure, so I should use it before I move. Honestly, I should have gotten a pedicure instead, because my feet are ungodly dry and kinda rough right now, but I can do it myself.
I just feel like I need to be pampered. Thursday came and left me feeling a bit down and abandoned, and I feel the big changes coming. They're mostly good changes, but there's a few things that I've seen happening that I can only watch as they slip away.
Soon it'll be just me and Rob, and I'll have to find my happiness even more from my own heart alone.

I remember when I first moved to Charlottesville... I didn't know anyone but Angry Rob's family, so I spent every day wandering around the streets, alone, looking for jobs and interesting and cheap things to do. I was much more used to entertaining myself then; I've been spoiled with this whole Dawning/TVD/Cryptkicker-based community base. I got used to always having a friend nearby when I wanted to have company. Even moving here, it didn't take long to expand past the few friends I already had to a group of interesting souls with shared interests.
It's gonna just be Rob and I, against the world. Or something less dire-sounding.

Yeah, okay. Fuck this talk.

Anyway, Dinner with Mom and Aunt Mary after the manicure, and then I'll be home. I intend to buy a fancy coffee beverage and possibly a glossy magazine or an interesting book, and then think about what stuff I might want to fill an apartment with. Or maybe I'll suss out the bones of my nascent plot and characters for NaNoWriMo. I could go through my CDs. I guess once I move I won't be DJing much anymore. Maybe I'll just sell a bunch of them.

I'm so freakin' disenchanted by everything but Rob. I'm sorry.

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