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[livejournal.com profile] onceupon is a lot of things - beautiful, smart, strong, a good friend... and brave, as this essay proves:
Getting Naked For Cancer, or, Why Having Naked Pictures Taken of My Fat Body Did Not Kill Me.

She's fabulous, and she's gettin' naked for a good cause, too. After you read her essay it would be great if you went here and bought a calendar, too. [or just contributed some bucks]
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Weds Oct 25: Watch Lost. Muy importante. Snuggle with husband and cat. Hit the road after husband goes to bed.
Thurs Oct 26: Get into B'more in the morning. Find coffee and breakfast. Go to Mom's, pass out for a bit, have lunch with her. Try to meet a certain roller-skating monkey around 7p for an all-skate adventure. [must remember to pack knee brace]
Fri Oct 27: Spend time with Mom, meet up with anyone willing to do so for coffee and trekking around Fell's Point in the evening. Trot over to Ascension at some point to check out the DJ stylings of one [livejournal.com profile] shocktrama.
Sat Oct 28: Not sure yet, but I have to accompany my Mom for a bit to a party thing she wants me to go to in the evening. I should be out early enough to meet up with people for foods or hanging out or something.
Sun Oct 29: Leaving B'more in the afternoon. Who in DC would want to meet up with me for dinner? And where would be a good place that's easy to get to from 495 or 66? I'm thinking dinner around 6 or 7pm, because I need to be in C'ville by 10p at the latest to catch SYNTHETIC DIVISION, IN TENEBRIS and THE LAST DANCE at The Outback. Hell yeah.
Mon Oct 30: Open season on Xiane in C'ville. Call me, text me, post here when you're available to meet up.
Tues Oct 31: HALLOWEEN BABY. Daytime is open for meeting/hanging out. Come to UMLAUT that night to catch ME in my last big DJ experience for the foreseeable future, with DJ Right Bastard also layin' down the spooky tunes or whatever he feels like. Dress up! Find out all the info at [livejournal.com profile] cville_umlaut! Also I'm probably going to go to iHop after the fact, 'cause that's how I roll.
Weds Nov 1st: Wow, bet I'll feel like I was ran over by this point. Hang out, get brunch with available folks, leave town by 3pm at latest. Make it home hopefully in time to catch Lost, while snuggled with my much-missed husband and cat.

Any questions? Comments? Additions? Post 'em! :D
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Tonight I get to hang out with the magnificent [livejournal.com profile] nannar and delightful [livejournal.com profile] xymoxed and go see BAUHAUS [and nin, yeah yeah] in Charlotte. YAY!

If'n any of you NC people are there, I'll be the redhead in the Drop Dead teeshirt and long black skirt. Yeah, I wear skirts to shows. It's an ampitheater. ...What?! :D

If anyone wants to try and find us, call my celly-cell. I can't guarantee that Kristy and Brian will want to do anything afterward, because they travelled down from VA to this show and are crashing with me before going back... but there's always a good possibility. And I'd love to see some people.


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