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...in case you're wondering, I'M the DJ. :)
I'll be spinning something a little different - some goth/industrial/dance, plus Yule tunes and some Pagan artists as well. If you're in the area and interested, click on the link. It should be a fun evening!
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In case you haven't caught on to what I've been hinting about over the past few months, my Halloween gig at [livejournal.com profile] cville_umlaut is marking the end of one era and the beginning of another.

I'd been a bit burned out on DJing at clubs for a while before I moved up to B'more - it was getting increasingly harder for me to get excited about what was going on with The Dawning, and I felt like it showed. Not that The Dawning and the people who make it up aren't awesome, but I wasn't happy with where it was being held, and I felt very hemmed in by the restrictions given to us by Outback Lodge. They have to protect their bottom line, but getting pre-empted by frat parties and not being able to book bands at will was really difficult for me, and I felt like it hurt attendance a lot, too. There were other factors, too - the wind was taken out of my sails when we lost the building bid for Transmission, definitely. And I was feeling sicker and sicker from the smoke I had to inhale every week, to the point that it was taking two to three days to recover from every Saturday.

Cryptkicker was a breath of fresh air for me - a venue where we could spin what we wanted, with no pressure... it was ratty and rough and a lot of fun. I don't think it was destined to last much longer than it did, despite how much I wanted it to continue. It has a special place in my heart, though. The Dawning fulfilled some huge dreams I'd had; Cryptie was another version of that dream.
After years of being a club DJ, though - the ride's over. I LOVE it, you have to know - I love the feeling of hitting the mix just right, of watching people light up as they hear the songs grab hold of them and drag them to the floor. I get high from hearing people cheer when I get the song they all wanted to hear, or when people come up to the booth to thank me for making them dance, or to ask me what that artist was... but I can't breathe afterward, guys. I feel like crap for days after. I can feel the toll that the club takes on me, and it tells me that it's time to retire from regular gigs and let younger people step up to bat.

So what does this mean? Unless you're booking for a smoke-free club, I can tell you with a sad face that I won't be DJing there. I'm pretty much done, it seems. I might do an occasional Dawning gig, because that's my heart home... but honestly, that's it. I can't even GO to clubs much anymore, it kills me to be there. Just catching someone's secondary smoke makes me feel sick these days.

So. If you want to hear me spin one last big hurrah... please come to Umlaut in Charlottesville on Halloween. If you have another non-smoking function where you'd like a DJ [like Witches' Brew], I'm your girl. Other than that... I love you all. Dance for me a couple of times, would you?

Expect some promised events with Radio Xiane that have sat on the back burner to come to pass. I need an outlet somehow.
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We got a flyer under here! )

From the post that [livejournal.com profile] wanderyng1 made:

I want to give you all plenty of warning to clear your calendars. We've got our own local DJ Ritebastard joining the lovely DJ Xiane (MrsTigglebottom if you're nasty) on Halloween night for Umlaut. Come forthe costume party, stay for the dancing. There will indeed be a costume contest; I'll announce the intended prizes on the Umlaut website this Friday (http://clubumlaut.org).

If you need details, let me know - this should be a night to remember! And if you're going to be there, I'm taking requests NOW.
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In case you weren't paying attention:  )

In case you didn't wanna click - JERK! Naw, but I'm gonna tell you anyway that you NEED to be at The Dawning this Saturday, 061706, to catch me and DJ Audiorapture spinning all night. You'll dance, you'll laugh, you'll sweat, you'll be glad you came out! Ya ya ya.

And in case you can't make it out, I give you an update to Radio Xiane for your own in-home [or work!] enjoyment. It is a bit shorter than usual for now, because I'm working on short time... but this week I *should* be making my first live broadcast, so stay tuned for more details about that! My studio is set up and ready to go!
I added tracks from The Adicts, Holy Cow, Wreckage, Paw Paw, Darvocet, Helium Vola, Todesbonden, Phenomenauts, Torsion, The Sisterhood, plus new tracks from Ego Likeness, ThouShaltNot, Behind The Scenes, The Last Dance, The Feral, and more!

Good gawd, y'all. We'll be on the road in a few hours and on the way. Celly cell is on, laptop will be packed up and with me, and I'm looking forward to seeing LOTS of you Cville/Richmond types, plus some special guests!

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Seems kind of odd to say - but you know, if you're deleting people from your FL or deleting your journal, could you just post something first and let me know you're cleaning house or something? I worry about people when they just disappear.

I don't have anyone on my list for bullshit reasons. Just so you know. If you're on here, it is because I know you, or I want to know you, and that means I care about you. No pressure if you decide that's not your thing, but please just let me know?

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Unless you're a musician-type friend of mine, or you're running a meme/sensitive-type post thing, I will be defriending all people who auto-screen comments from friends as I find them.

There's a thin veil of implication of trust when I add someone to my friends list. I *want* their opinions and I'm neither ashamed of them nor nervous to get them. When the same courtesy isn't extended back, we're not friends. I don't need and I don't want anyone in my life that can't stand up to my opinions and thoughts.

You don't have to like this policy; feel free to remove me if it bothers you. I'm not hammering down on obvious and called-for uses of the screen function, I'm talking about people who consistently screen comments after the fact [and hide posts after the fact] when a friend makes a point that they don't like.
If you want to do that, that's fine, it's your journal and you're obviously free to do so. But I find that someone hiding my words for any other reason than to protect everyone in a sensitive situation, or for fun guessing memes, isn't a game I want to play... so I'm pulling the plug.

* If you aren't friended by me, your comments are auto-screened to prevent spamming. I'll reveal 'em as I get 'em. But if you aren't friended by me, and I know you and know you have a journal, there's probably a good reason why I haven't added you. Take that for what you will. LJ isn't a popularity contest for me, it's just frickin' LJ.

I'm not playing these bullshit games.

[edit] - Just to be clear: passive-aggressive screening/deleting is what I'm talking about.
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I post almost every entry as "friends-only" - not because I think I'm so secretive/special/awesome or controversial that I need to hide, but because I enjoy a modicum of privacy and like to at least marginally control who gets to see my thoughts.
This being said, the best way to read what I have to say is to be logged in, or to ask me to friend you if you're not on the good ol' FL already.
Without those measures, all you're gonna see is promotions and occasional random blather.

... well, random blather is mostly what you're going to see, anyway. ;)

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