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He really didn't want his photo taken, but I cajoled him into it.

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Dear [livejournal.com profile] squeegee_cat,

Cereal is PEOPLE kibble, not cat kibble, so please to not be knocking the box off the top of the fridge and trying to steal bites of it.

I know that the box is red and you like red. Still doesn't make it yours, cat.

Eat your kibble,
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An interesting thing that the Big Squeege does: sometimes when he wants us to play with him, he'll present a toy to us, with accompanying cute face to convince us to romp. Usually the toy in question has nothing to do with what he wants to play with, because he's really picky about how he plays and with what. We call this toy the "meta-toy" because it just symbolizes the want to PLAY, not that he wants us to play with that toy.

Today's meta-toy was a bit unusual.

We were presented with a squeaky buddhist monk-with-coffee toy.

He's so weird.
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] squeegee_cat,

At five-crack-of-dawn-a.m. NO ONE IS AWAKE. Not even your toy mouses.
Take note of this and either go to sleep or at least stop digging for said mouses between the bed and wall at that ungodly hour.

Otherwise, I may have to eat you.

Momma aka provider of kibble.

Yes, I've been awake since five. Mleah. I dunno what's in the air, but he's been unusually obnoxious in the early morning lately. I was hoping he'd grown out of it [ha!] but this new "dig for mouses" thing just HAS to go.
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So. It has come to this.

In his neverending quest to command ALL our attention ALL the time, [livejournal.com profile] squeegee_cat has gone on a Class A Rampage of destruction this evening.
Normally he's rambunctious and demanding of our time. We can handle removing the mail from his mouth, picking up the things he's thrown on the floor, mopping up the water he likes to fling.

...tonight, he's in a new realm of obnoxious. HE ATE PART OF MY ESPRESSO MACHINE.



The whole house looks like a two-year-old tore through it, which is pretty appropriate. I told him that if he didn't start behaving himself that we were going to eat him. This hasn't really been much of a deterrent. Right now he's got a mouse in a crinkly nest of packing paper that he's gleefully ripping apart.


Interesting Stanley-type news - Rob and I were leaving to get some dinner, and we spotted a *female* mantis on the wall downstairs! We talked to her a bit, tried to convince her to move off the wall and to someplace where she is less of a target. Eventually she flew over our heads and into the grass, where we bid her a good night and asked her if she hooked up with Stanley, if she could let him keep his head. ;)
Maybe he's got a mate! I hope so.

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